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Thursday, February 26, 2015


Wednesday, February 25, 2015



I'M BACK FOR 2015 =D


Its been long time that i never wrote anything in this field. ya, Im quite busy with my teaching. no, Im really busy. oh Allah, may i add 5 more hours in my daily life a day?? i knew, this gonna be your answer, ' if I could, I would'.

Tq for answering my question. i know U could, but U wouldn't.
im remembering my past study time that if im in 'heart-troubling', ya i will just think about writing something in English. And now i'm in trouble, fuhhh. Oh ya, i remembered that i had an English diary on my own, but i don't know, it's missing. I wrote about everything inside that diary including the story about my ex-boyfriend. ha ha. so annoying.

I'm tired of being kind, and everybody just step their feet over my head. this cannot be. Oh Allah, what should i do? do i need to give up and just leave? or i should fight? or just wait and see for your judgement? but i'm sorry, sometime i just do can't wait for it.

everything in this world, it makes me happy. but it was before. Now, i really hate about one thing. I'm always say to myself that don't hate it too much, its going to be something good on you later. But, owhh..i'm suck thinking about it. Why me?why do U chose me to facing this up?

And now, friend. i'm just thinking about what u have said to me 4 years ago.' You will be in trouble if you choose this way'. but i just ignored on u because i don't think it's going to be this worst. The worst in my life.

dear friend, now i got your word. Deeply.